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This website offers information about home remodeling projects, decorating, and energy saving appliances - to help homeowners make better decisions.

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Advice and Information - Over 480 pages of content on 38 different subjects, including decorating tips, energy saving suggestions, remodeling options and safety issues.

For Example, here is a page about how to clean tile grout.

Here is some good information about safety in the kitchen. Important if you have small children.

Under Your Articles you can read what other industry experts have to say about their various specialties.

There are also e books available to help in managing your remodeling project. See the Nav Bar or Site Map to find what you need.


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If you are planning a home remodeling project - a new kitchen, adding a master suite, or building that dream media room, you’re bound to have questions. Continuous Home Improvement Help will help answer them.


Charles Gueli has over 42 years of experience in the design, construction and renovation of structures ranging from single family homes to corporate offices.

Through Continuous Home Improvement Help, he provides important resources that you can access to have a successful home remodeling project.

While adding to the value of your home, your project should be a satisfying experience - one that will provide good memories.

Whether you're intending a small job, complete home remodeling, or a new home, there is a process to follow, pitfalls to consider, and ways to save money.

Our goal is to help homeowners make better decisions.

We also want to help you save time and prevent frustrations during a remodeling project. If you plan ahead and answer questions as they come up, you will:

1. Save money,

2. Be happier with the result, and

3. Feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

No two home remodeling jobs are alike. No website can anticipate every question or problem that will test your resolve.

So if you aren't sure how to proceed, just submit your question on the Contact Charlie page, and get the information you need.

Small projects require many of the same disciplines as large projects. But you won't have to deal with as many people or make as many decisions.

Large projects obviously take longer, so the built-in "aggravation factor" is greater. If you have a large project coming up, look at this page to learn about an FREE e book that will help you avoid problems and save money.

Have A Great Day!!

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When are additions better than renovating existing unused space?
Attic Remodeling
Attic remodeling has specific things to consider
Basement Design
What kinds of spaces do you want to include in your basement design?
Remodeling Bathrooms
Continuous Home Improvement offers Information on Remodeling Bathrooms
Shower Enclosures | How to Remodel a Bathroom
Information about glass shower enclosures.
Just Cabinets
Just cabinets is about cabinetry that goes anywhere in the home
Comparing Kitchen Countertops
Description of various material used for kitchen countertops
Home Decorating Ideas
A few home decorating ideas you might find useful.
Exterior Doors
Residential exterior doors include entry doors, patio doors, and garage doors. Learn more here.
Fireplace Decorating Ideas
Fireplace decorating ideas
Flooring Ideas
A few flooring ideas to consider
Remodeling Garages
When remodeling garages might be your best option.
Home Hardware
Home Hardware encompasses many different types of hardware used residentially.
Burglary Prevention
Ideas to help with burglary prevention
Remodeling Kitchens
An overview about the process of remodeling kitchens.
Home Lighting Options
Different home lighting options can be used for different situations.
The Cost Of Home Remodeling
What to include in cost of home remodeling
Home Remodeling Ideas | Bathroom Remodeling Ideas | Bathroom Remodeling Tips
Home remodeling ideas you can use outside the kitchen and bath
Safety At Home
Being aware of issues regarding safety at home can prevent most accidents.
Hardwood Stairs
Hardwood stairs are by far the most preferred among homeowners.
Storage Solutions
Storage solutions are on most people's minds. Here are a few suggestions.
Replacement Windows And Doors
Replacement windows can add value and comfort to your home. Here's what to think about.
Custom Wine Cellars
Wine cellars can add value to your home and improve your lifestyle.
Architectural Woodwork
Architectural woodwork will add value to your home while making your interior more luxurious.
Conserving Water
The Importance of conserving water.
Energy Efficient Appliances
Today there are many choices of energy efficient appliances
Energy Saving Tips For Your Home
Energy saving tips for the home
Going Green
Things to help going green
Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Several backyard landscaping ideas to consider
Frontyard Landscaping
How frontyard landscaping can enhance curb appeal
New Home Building - Things You Should Know
Things you should know about new home building
Backyard Patio Design and Backyard Decks
Information about backyard decks and backyard patio design
Exterior Siding
Exterior Siding Options
Buying A House
What to consider when buying a house
Flipping Houses or Selling Your House
What to do when selling your house or flipping houses
Your Articles or Stories
Write your articles or tell your stories for other visitors to enjoy.
Home Remodeling Blog
This home remodeling blog will present up to date changes and additions to this website. We will also post news, updates, and advice from other sources. And it's free.
Kitchen Remodeling Guide
This kitchen remodeling guide is an indispensible step-by-step helper when remodeling your kithcen.
sales page for remodeling project e book
About Me
About Me is offers background information and credentials.
Contact Me
Contact Me if you have a question or can't find what you need.
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A site search page will help you find what you want quickly
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